How to Expand Your Podcast Audience

Congratulations on creating your podcast! 

Whether you've already built an early listener base or are in the process of finding your first listeners, we're here to share some tips with you. While Grro identifies your top 3 audience segments to inform your growth strategy, you may find that your show is currently too early or niche for us to make any recommendations. Here are a few tips we've curated to help you seed those first listeners.

⭐ Quality

Getting your sound, content and metadata are critical to your podcast audience growth success.  Listening to and analysing shows that are like yours is a great way to learn what could work for your podcast too. Take inspiration from those who are a few steps ahead of you. A great book to get your imagination jogging is Out on the Wire by Jessica Abel. Lastly, we think one of the easiest ways to make your podcast discoverable by your target audience is to perfect your metadata. Check out the following articles on sound, content and metadata to help your podcast.

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📅 Consistency & Frequency

Being consistent on the topics you discuss, your format, your style and your frequency of sharing podcast related content will help you gain an engaged listenership and manage workload. Whether your show is daily, weekly or monthly you need to be consistent and be able to manage the work that it takes in the long run, especially if podcasting is not your main bread and butter. Format, consistency and frequency are interwoven so you want to plan around these three things. The podcast "Feel Better, Live More" hosted by Dr. Chatterjee has achieved notable success in these three areas. We encourage you to listen and discover their effective strategies. Additionally, explore the following articles to enhance your approach to consistency.

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💬 Guesting

Having guests on your podcast and appearing on others' shows can boost your audience. A guest's followers may find your podcast, and guesting elsewhere lets you connect with like-minded listeners. Ensure your guest aligns with your content, increasing acceptance chances. Hone your interview skills for great content, and make it easy for guests to share the episode post-interview. Here are tips to ace guesting:

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We hope these tips can help you perform a health check on your podcast.  We look forward to powering you up with useful audience insights for further growth soon. Go forth and grow! ⚡

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