Audience Insights

Discover the power of insights with Grro! Explore our unique audience metrics, unveiling overlapping spaces, virality, and marketing reach across podcasts.

On our dashboard, we show you matches for your podcast, each presenting a potential candidate for recommendation ads. As you browse, you'll uncover key information, one of which are audience insights. These insights are unique to Grro and for each match you will see;

  1. What audience space overlaps with yours
  2. How viral it is within that audience space
  3. The marketing reach it has across the podcast landscape

Here's a screenshot of a podcast match for a podcast featuring technology founders's stories👇

From this example, it's clear that the matched show has a marketing reach of 683 shows' audiences, with an audience overlap in the investing space and a medium viral reach within it. These audience insights help determine the suitability of advertising on the match. They also offer valuable insights into why it appeals to the matched podcast's audience, influencing how you craft your advert for that match.

Grro is a podcasts audience insights platform - – we're currently in closed Beta, fine-tuning our platform before the big launch! Want to be one of the first to explore? Sign up here, and we'll make sure you're among the select users to gain access soon! 🚀

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Jamie Larson